Christine Heckart | CUBEConversation with John Furrier

Christine Heckart, CEO of Scalyr, sits down with John Furrier for a CUBEConversation at theCUBE Studios in Palo Alto, CA.

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Log Management Company Scalyr Hires New CEO From Cisco, Preps For What’s Next

Scalyr was started to solve a problem that its founders fully understood — juggling a handful of monitoring tools to gain operational visibility might just be impossible. Today, the company announced a new phase of growth.

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San Mateo-Based Scalyr Names Christine Heckart as New CEO

Scalyr, the San Mateo-based developer of a log management and server monitoring service, on Wednesday named Christine Heckart as its new CEO.

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The Monitoring Issue

In 1935, Austrian physicist, Erwin Schrödinger, still flying high after his Nobel Prize win from two years earlier, created a simple thought experiment.

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Scalyr Helps Periscope Data Scale Up

Data intelligence provider Periscope Data is using software-as-a-service data visualisation tool Scalyr to help it manage its infrastructure.

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Scalyr: Column-Oriented Log Management with Steve Newman

Log messages are fast, high volume, unstructured data. Logs are often the source of metrics, alerts, and dashboards, so these critical systems are downstream from a log management system. A log management system needs to be highly available, so that a failure in one part of your system will not be correlated with failure of the log management system.

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SaaStr Podcast #194: Steve Newman, Founder & CEO @ Scalyr on How Small Numbers In SaaS Can Deceive You

Steve Newman is the Founder & CEO @ Scalyr, the startup that helps your devops team solve more problems in less time with log monitoring and analysis in seconds. Steve has raised over $27.5m in funding with Scalyr from many friends of the show including Susa Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, Shasta and GV. As for Steve, prior to Scalyr, he was the Founder of Writely which was acquired by Google to become the little known, Google Docs. Before that he founded 2 prior startups, Ann Arbour Softworks (acq by Ashton-Tate) and BitCraft (acquired by Macromedia). If that was not enough, Steve also sat on the Technical Advisory Board at Box for over 3 years.

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How These 4 Tech Companies Are Tackling Unconscious Bias

In the tech world, there's often an unconscious bias in the workplace. Women are still underpaid compared to male coworkers, and worry about becoming "mommy-tracked" after pregnancy. Plus, there's still a lack of minority representation in tech that has yet to be overcome.

The way past this unconscious bias in hiring and the workplace begins with individual companies becoming aware and taking action. That's exactly why the following four companies are implementing policies for reducing bias in their corporate practices.

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Cloud 100 Rising Stars: Meet 20 Of The Cloud’s Breakout Up-And-Comers For 2018

The Forbes Cloud 100 represents a who's who of the biggest and best private companies in the cloud, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Right behind this year's winners is a new crop of underdogs, breakout up-and-comers in cloud computing who are looking to follow in their footsteps—or even come for their laurels. These are the Cloud 100 Rising Stars, 20 of the fastest-growing cloud companies that are still too small or too young for the main list, but not for long.

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Well done to all our 2018 SaaS Winners!

The votes are in, and the waiting is finally over… now it’s time to congratulate the winners of the 2018 SaaS Awards:

Best SaaS Product for Web/App Development – Scalyr

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